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Friday, February 25, 2011

haiti 2011 Mission Update #7

February 24, 2011: Just a few comments overheard back at the guest house in Cambry this evening…

“It just keeps getting better and better”

“That car ride is a total blast”

“Thanks for the prayers!”

Today was a wonderful day in Cherette with the children. Just a few good things to come out of the day:

  • All of the children were checked out by medical staff, washed in scabies wash solution and given new clothes.
  • The children worked laboriously on notes to send back to their US sponsors.
  • New pictures were taken of all of them for their sponsors.
  • ESMI staff has confirmed that several orphans who had been placed at Cherette following the earthquake have been found by their extended families and reunited. This is a good outcome for them!
  • A donor has come forward after hearing of the need to do some major construction for a retaining wall there to protect the village from the encroaching river. It is taken care of! ONE DAY after making the need known…God is great!
  • The team is tired, but happy. GREAT team chemistry and working together so well! They are laughing a lot together, and having great times of prayer during the team meetings.
  • All remain healthy.
About that car ride…the team left Cherette on the late side and had to do the entire trip in the SUV’s, not the bus, as the bus’s headlights weren’t functioning. But that made it even more fun. Watch for the pictures soon – rigged up by tying a camera onto a team member’s head to approximate a tripod. No one could hold a camera because they needed to hold on to their seats…necessity is the mother of invention.

A few pictures…

  • For those who are wondering, a picture of a scabies outbreak. Most of children have pretty serious cases. It is a maddening itch!
  • A community member mentioned in yesterday’s update with the serious ankle wound. This man has a gut-wrenching story…but more on that in the team reports!
  • Pastor Nerva, one of the orphans, and Erin F. This man is a former voodoo priest who converted and literally changed Cherette from a dark place to a place of hope. Let me know if you want more of his story…I can send it to you.

And prayers for tomorrow (Friday)…back in Savanes for most of the team.

  • Some will stay in Cambry at the orphanage seeing patients, doing dental training, and doing data input into electronic medical files that are being started on the children in Cherette.
  • The others will arrive in Savanes at about 9:30 EST to set up and see patients all day. “Community leaders” will provide crowd control, and Louis will be there overseeing everything. It will be a crazy day. Please pray as you are able throughout the day for calm and peace to reign.
  • Pray for the gospel to penetrate the hearts of those who are seeking medical care. Teams will share the good news and pray with each person coming for care.
  • Pray that this last day of ministry is enhanced by tremendous team work and unity of purpose by the team – a great end to a fantastic week.
  • Don’t forget our “satellite team” in Jeremie. No word on their day today, but prayers for them as they continue seeing patients tomorrow are appreciated.

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