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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Haiti Update 2/28/17

So much accomplished today...and it's only Tuesday!

The water team is cautiously optimistic that they'll put the finishing touches on things tomorrow and everyone is looking forward to the dedication ceremony tentatively planned for Thursday afternoon. It is impossible to overstate the impact something like this water purification system can have in a community like Savanne. The health benefits combined with the sense of civic pride make for a powerful combination. The empowerment from the training to actually manage it themselves is huge. It is perhaps the first time some have been entrusted with something this important or received any real training for a task, and there is eagerness to lead and take responsibility! And to know that your babies are drinking clean water? Can you imagine the peace of mind?

The medical team today was in high gear, and in a shortened day saw 85 patients, including a re-check of the little guy who was so sick yesterday there were concerns that he might not make it. What a difference meds and hydration can make! See the picture - of him with no fever and his relieved dad, who joined in prayers of thanksgiving and songs of praise to God with everyone today. The two days at Savanne have molded the medical team into a unit, which is quite something considering many of them met only four days ago and very few had worked together before. True professionals and servants in equal measure.

A small group went back to Cavaillon today and another to Brevette, the first to work on repairs and construction (check out the pictures below and the video on Facebook at Kitchen That Love Built, just shot today) and the second to evaluate that location as a possible future sponsored ministry site. The teaching team is busy and doing well in Jeremie.

Everyone is in high spirits and eager to do more. The heat is not oppressive although surely it is hot. The air conditioning to sleep in makes for good rest. The somewhat shortened work days and the more manageable heat have had two benefits - not quite exhausting the team at the beginning of the week AND allowing them the late afternoon back at the guest house to walk down the hill to play with the Cavaillon kids. As one team member said, "it's why we come!" See the pictures attached and you'll see what they mean! They are swarmed when they come to play!

Tonight more bags were restocked and prepared for a day at Mangnat, about an hour away but pretty much straight up a hill. Should be a fun ride in the back of pick up trucks! The medical team will work in a little two room school at this remote village in which ESMI hopes to soon start a church. The water team will wrap things up at Savanne, except for the dedication on Thursday. The teaching team continues at Jeremie.

More to do, but so much accomplished. Praise God!

For prayer:
  • Pray that all stay healthy, take precautions in the heat, and pace themselves. Good rest is key, so pray for that, too, and yes, for the air conditioning :)
  • Pray for safety in travel. This team has been more of a "split squad" on this trip more than any in recent memory, due to the multiple priorities and needs. Lots of coming and going!
  • Pray that the medical team's work in Mangnat tomorrow will sow spiritual seeds as they meet physical needs, and that seeds sown in Savanne over the last two days will bring spiritual fruit in the lives of many.
  • Pray that the water team's work will come to a smooth conclusion tomorrow.
  • Praise God for the swift turn around in the little guy with pneumonia. Ask God to protect him as he continues to heal. 

Thanks so much for your faithful prayers. The team is relying on them and grateful for your partnership!

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