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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Haiti update 2/28/18

Thank you for praying for the team's day at Savanne. They were definitely answered. 

  • The medical team saw 86 patients today. Although hot and crowded, it never seemed out of control or chaotic. Our team worked like a well oiled machine...but a machine full of compassion. One woman who was taken to the head of the line because she was in full asthmatic attack and likely a few minutes before full respiratory failure, was able to say afterwards "I have never been loved like this, or experienced such kindness. I will never forget". Several team members found themselves serving in unusual ways (pastors checking urine samples for pregnancy tests? "okay!") and doing so with joy.
  • The day was extremely well organized by Pastor Monchera and his team of leaders/volunteers. He even brought a bullhorn so he could be heard giving directions above the din. He stopped accepting people into the line around 2:00 so by the end of the day, all but 15 people had been seen. Turning people away is very hard - they could have been waiting for 11 hours! - so when one of our team members went through to apologize he was astounded to hear nothing but gratefulness that the team had come. They will be back for another full day on Friday!
  • The repeaters on the team were able to see changes in the people of Savanne. There was not the air of desperation; people were carrying themselves differently, dressing with more care. There seemed to be more pride and hope. 
  • Our friend Jude was there to greet the team - he was the "guy in charge". His conversion was one of the first in Savanne after hearing the gospel at one of our first clinics. From voodoo strongman and bully, he is now a tender hearted servant in the church the community, and seeing the changes in him has led many others to Christ. He was there all day shadowing the team making sure all was well. 
  • The water team was able to spend the day checking and troubleshooting the water system installed there last year. They made good progress and will be back to work on Friday. This community water system has brought a great deal of pride (to say nothing of better health and even some jobs) to Savanne, and the water board is anxious to have it run at full capacity.

Often, by midweek and especially after a day at Savanne, the team is beginning to feel a little frayed and fried. Not so this time. Everyone is tired, and now 5 or 6 have had significant intestinal upsets, but they are still feeling energized by the tasks at hand and looking forward to yet another new destination tomorrow - Duchitie, which is 90 minutes away (likely by four wheel drive truck - the best seat is the bed of the truck to see the views, although bumpy and windy!). There's a new church recently planted there, but the village is so remote the residents have never had a doctor visit. It's certainly influenced by voodoo practitioners. Yet the church is planted and the gospel is being preached. So tomorrow, a new adventure.

Please pray:
  • That transportation would arrive on time and in good order, so the team can get away around 7:00 EST for the 90 minute trip. They need to be on their way back well before dark (not safe to travel those roads after dark), so arriving early will maximize their time. Pray for safe travel.
  • For their work with the residents of Duchitie. With no medical care available, they could be in rough shape. For sure they will need to hear the gospel from our team along with physical care. 
  • Pray for the team's health to stabilize or remain good. They'd all like to finish the week strong. Pray for good rest in cool space. 

Praise for:
  • The relative good health and especially the change in the feeling in Savanne. The gospel is making a a difference. Praise God for people like Jude, now faithful servants and leaders in the church, and Pastor Monchera, who leads so well. 
  • The many ways the medical and water teams contributed to the lives of people in Savanne today. Their gratefulness was genuine and so encouraging to the team. 
  • The way the team has molded together to work incredibly hard and incredibly well.
Thank you so much for praying! Enjoy the pictures from today...

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