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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ministry in Asia

Paul Taylor shares this newsletter with us about the ministries in Bangladesh and Manila, here is an excerpt of the newsletter, you can read more here:

After these meetings, we traveled a couple of hours to Rangamati which is the central town for the Chakma people.  The king lives there.  It is the nicest town in the Hill Tracts.  I had not been into the town before only passed by going between Bandarban and Khagrachary.  This is the area where about 2000 have decided that they want to leave the Buddhist religion and become Christians. 

They are doing this in a very organized way.  Some key folks had the idea and decided that it would be best if a large group of them make the step at once.  So they began seeking signatures of people who would like to make that move and had 2000 people sign.  The reasons that they are giving for making the switch are:
  1. Buddhism says that they are not to kill animals, but they have been doing it consistently for food, so they feel like they’re always sinning.
  2. They didn’t have any way to “unload” the sin.  Buddhism offers no way.
  3. They consequently had no assurance of being able to be saved.
  4. And they had heard that Christianity gives answers to each of these issues. 
So they organized themselves into a committee and appealed to some Baptists to baptize them.  They were baptized.  They then began to look for someone to teach them about the Christian faith.  The Lord led them to Bijoy, one of the pastors and leaders in the Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh, who offered to help them.  That was about four months ago. 

The PCB has now assigned their best missionary for at least one year, and a second fellow that is not supported by either the PCB or MTW.  Those two have moved there and are being used to disciple these young Christians. 

God is at work.  His story of grace is being written on the hearts of men.

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