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Thursday, March 14, 2013

re:Connect Winter Retreat Update

From Deedee Freemire:

find a few pictures from the Winter reConnect weekend (Jan. 18 - 20, 2013).  Our speaker was Pablo Herrera from CMP out of Spring Valley. He was fantastic!  

We also had on stage, our very first Winter reConnect Youth Worshp Band!  These were students from 2 different churches that got together under the direction of David Keithley (Christ Presbyterian, Normal) and worked together practicing!  There did a great job!  This was one of our new additions to mentor, train and disciple leadership kids from the youth groups as we prepare them to lead the church in the next generation.  So awesome to see them lead in music, prayer and worship!  

There is a young man that comes from downstate who is homeless.  He attends one of the churches there.  He gave me a BIG hug at the start of Winter reConnect and told me thank you.  Later, his leader came up to me and reported that the retreats and camps are the one thing that he looks forward to all year.  On so many levels this ministry is impacting so many lives.  

Another student, one who has grown up in the church, attends a faith-based school and is surrounded by "christian teens" all the time, told me that one thing that she looks forward to at camp and retreats is the opportunity to connect with other campers from different area of the state AND be able to be a witness to the non-believing students there.  She explained that although she goes on missions trips with her church/school to all over (both in the USA and out), that it is in the context of camps and retreats that she is able to build relationships and continue to connect with the non-believing students who come.  She has been able to see the work of the Holy Spirit within the community of the camps and retreats and loved the  "right here, right now" ministry/gospel changing work take place.

Thank you for all your prayer and support!

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