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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Haiti Update 11/11 (#1)

The team didn't go far today, but they sure found plenty to do! They walked down the hill to the Cambry orphanage, which has had a whole lot of extra kids since the hurricane. That location was the biggest and deemed sturdiest, housing upwards of 500 kids for several weeks until some could be safely returned to Dariverger and Big House. The goal is to get Cavaillon in livable shape as soon as possible to get the number of kids in Cambry back to normal.

Today the team saw all of the kids normally living at Cavaillon plus numerous community folks from Cambry. Again, the community folks were primarily suffering from untended wounds or injuries leading to infections stemming from the hurricane, plus the more typical things that present themselves when medical care is in scarce supply.

The Cavaillon kids were in generally good shape, which was encouraging. However, a few of the children the onsite medical people and housemoms have been watching due to chronic malnutrition are still not thriving. Extra funds were given to those managing their care for protein supplements to see if they can get them to a healthier place.

More troubling was the condition of a community child, a 7 year old girl who was burned in a cooking fire at home. That injury escalated to a horrible infection on her hand, which is spreading. The team thought a tetanus shot was her best chance to avoid amputation, but they were concerned that it had perhaps even become life threatening. They did what the could for her today.

There was also a child brought to them today from Dariverger (where they were yesterday) with a serious wound that needed to be cleansed and stitched up. They'll check on him tomorrow.

In all three of these cases, it was clear that they were truly making a difference and giving these children the best chance of returning to health, but heartbreaking nevertheless.

After 5 long days of ministry, the team has seen at least 750 people. The physical, mental and emotional toll has left them fairly exhausted and starting to feel it. Tomorrow, to close out their week of ministry, they'll go back to Cambry to see the remaining children and probably more community people.

Please pray:

  • For the children seen today, especially the little girl with the serious infection after being burned. The team is very concerned for her.
  • For the team. Pray that their rest would be restorative, and that God would bring them peace and resiliency as they finish their service tomorrow. Pray also for their health; as they get tired and running on empty, cold or flu-like symptoms become more likely.
  • Even now, pray for the team's day of travel on Sunday. They will be leaving very early Sunday morning for a return trip to Port au Prince by coach bus, and then from Port au Prince to Miami. From there, back home. It will easily be an 18 hour day.
  • Pray that God will use the seeds of word, deed, and mercy planted this week will bring fruit for the gospel as ESMI pastors continue on in the daily ministry to the people of Cayes, Cambry, Dariverger, and Cavaillon.

Thank you for praying. The team is so very appreciative of your partnership with them. 

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