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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Haiti trip 3/2/18

The team spent their last day back in Savanne, the medical team seeing a whopping 130 patients (including the ones who were turned away on Wednesday, right at the front of the line) and the water team troubleshooting all day long on the water system. It ended with a life and death situation for the medical team, when they were already exhausted and looking forward to packing up after a non stop 7 hours in the heat, noise, and press of people. Literally non stop.

Today the medical team saved a baby's life. It is sobering to think that if they hadn't been there, hadn't been there TODAY, or hadn't been there that LATE, this baby would have died. A 17 month old baby girl, Rose, was rushed in to the clinic by her mom. She was having a seizure, which the docs assessed as being caused by extreme dehydration. The seizure was her body's way of protecting the brain from shut down, but that shut down of the rest of her body had already started. She was on her way out. Acting quickly, the team got her roused from unconsciousness and immediately started an IV. It was a bit of a fight, as even in her state she was lashing out in wild fear. She actually bit the person holding her and her teeth had to be pried off his hand. The IV revived her to the point that the team could stabilize her and send her off with her mom, IV still inserted, to get to the hospital with funds they provided.

Meanwhile, as the situation with Rose stretched on, the team's drivers were patient but getting quite uncomfortable. No one who doesn't have to stays in Savanne after dark. They were anxious and antsy to get out, and the team packed up as soon as the baby was on her way to the hospital and left.

The water team worked all day to solve a "yellow water" issue in the water system in Savanne. Some answers were found, but Living Waters and the Savanne based water board (folks trained by our team when the system was installed) will have to continue looking at possible causes over the next week and report back to our team.

Some bright spots of the day included reuniting with friends such as Jude again. There were several others who are familiar to our "repeaters" and it is almost like a family reunion when they get to see each other. All are doing well.

Another positive development is that it looks like the bug that worked through the team seems to be waning - a few are still weak and on the mend, but as of today, no one was coming down with anything.

Upon their return to the house, they found local vendors who are invited to sell their local art and wares to teams working with ESMI. A little haggling can be fun, and it supports the local economy. Perhaps a little early Christmas shopping was done?

After a final team meeting to process the day, supplies were sorted and packed up to be left at Louis' for use at Cavaillon - mostly vitamins and some meds for the kids.

Tomorrow their day starts early. A coach bus is scheduled to pick them up at 5:00 am EST to start the long ride back to Port au Prince. The flight to Miami leaves at 2:00 EST, then from Miami folks will scatter to Chicago, California, Phoenix, and Milwaukee. It will be bittersweet - they're so anxious to get home, but leaving the team will be hard.

For one final time, please pray for this team tonight and during the day tomorrow, specifically for:
  • Smooth, safe, and timely travel. Many connections through many miles. 
  • Health tonight, tomorrow, and upon their return home
  • A gentle re-entry to "real life". Many leave Haiti feeling overwhelmed and bombarded with the reality of the need they've seen. They are physically exhausted, as well. All of that makes it an emotional time. The people of Haiti, with whom this team will leave a part of their hearts. 
  • The leaders in ministry in Haiti - Dony, Louis, Monchera, the Duchitie church planter, Jude, Antoine, the interpreters who serve them so well all week, the housemoms at Cavaillon. 
Thank you for taking part in this mission, and for hanging in with prayer. There were 294 email addresses on this prayer list, many of whom represent churches where the updates were circulated. The team is grateful for every one!

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