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Monday, January 18, 2010

ESMI Haiti Update #6

From Dony St. Germain via Sharon…

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Thank you for your prayers in such a difficult time as this for my people and my country. We, Louis and I, have sensed your prayers as we too are mourning the deaths of key leaders in our ministry. I lost 10 key leaders in PAP. One of these leaders died with his entire family.

Church, what you are seeing on the television, as difficult as it has been to watch, fails in comparison to what is really happening in Haiti. There are too many people who are still not getting the help they need, many are suffering. For example, the concentration of the relief so far is in PAP but there are a number of surrounding cities that have also suffered major damage that no on is addressing such as Jacmel, Miragoan, Leogan, and the list goes on. There are still aftershocks being felt. Two buildings that were standing and showed no signs of damage fell yesterday with people in them. We continue to be in desperate need of your help to minister. Ministry must not only be in PAP but also in the surrounding cities where many are returning. ESMI is already strategically based in some of these cities and sees this as an opportunity for future church plants and growth. However, at this time, the focus must be on the immediate needs.

These are the needs we must work on now:

1. Containers with Food Supply from the Dominican Republic (DR) - PAP was the main entrance of food for the entire country. They have run out. Soon the trickling effect into other cities will begin as these cities become overcrowded with people who have left PAP. We can get a 20ft container with $10,000 worth of food and transport it across for another $2,000. We need at least 20 of these right now. A team is already in place to do the purchasing and packing once the funds are received.

2. Food Containers from the US - Although rice, black beans, red beans, oil, canned meat, spaghetti, cornmeal, bulgar wheat, baked beans, canned soup, tomato paste are much needed items, other important items to pack are food for immediate consumption such as biscuits, tuna sandwich mix, canned sausage, lots of small bottles of water, etc., anything that does not have to be cooked. ESMI has the contact to have these containers cleared within 3 days in the DR.

3. Medical Team - Many, many people have not been treated for their injuries. Large numbers are sitting under sheets with swollen feet, arms, and face; untreated injuries with dried clots of blood; back injuries; some totally immobile because blocks fell on their backs or chest. Some are being fed by others that are too weak to feed themselves but it is only a matter of time before they are no more if no one sees them. The General Hospital is overcrowded, patients are outside waiting and the people are dying by the minute. This is just too much for the hospital to handle.

The Need:
i) Several mobile clinics with all the needed medical supplies to treat these patients in the different locations.
ii) Medical Team - We are ready right now to have medical teams come in to see patients. I have secured a clinic in the Croix de Bouquet area, 15-20 minutes outside of PAP. It is safe.

4. Tents for Churches and Homes - Most churches in PAP have collapsed but the body of Christ is very much alive. As the sun sets and night fallsl, PAP becomes a city of worship. Singing is heard everywhere throughout the darkness. We need huge tents that can accommodate the thousands of church members, and smaller ones for those living on the streets until other housing is found.

Thank you once again for all your prayers and financial support that has come in these last few days. We still need your financial support to meet some of these immediate needs.

By God’s grace, I know we will prevail as His people.

In His Service,
Dony St. Germain
Haitian Ministries Coordinator

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