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Friday, January 29, 2010

Haiti: Wound Care Donations

The team made up of CMP churches going to Haiti in a few weeks has been collecting supplies for months. Now, with the recent tragic events in Haiti, there is a bigger need than ever for medical supplies specifically for wound care. The list below has been developed by our medical team, and we would appreciate any and all donations even at this late date.

Wound Care Donation List

ALL kinds of dressings
wrapping bandage (also called athletic tape or bandage tape)
medical tape
suture kits
steri strips or butterfly closures
PPE ( Personal Protection equipment like disposable gowns, goggles/shields, masks)
curlex wraps/ stretch gauze 3 and 4 inches
ace wraps
4X4 gauze non-sterile
knee/ankle braces
disposable ice packs
spray wound cleanser
pain patches
Neosporin larger tubes
Neosporin individual packets

If you are interested in gathering these things at your church or donating individually, please contact Ann Powers (apowers@pcanet.org) for drop off options. Time is short; bags will be packed within the next two weeks.

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