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Friday, August 2, 2013

Haiti Update #7

August 1, 2013

Well, the adventure of sleeping in the portico was dealt with quite well by all. Certainly cooler, and thanks to bug spray very few interactions with bugs.

However, the problem with sleeping outside is that wildlife has equal access. At 6:20 this morning, right on the dot of sunrise, a large rooster jumped up on the table in the portico and did his thing, a full blown cockadoodledoo. The closest person jumped a foot out of bed and after a moment of stunned silence, the team erupted into laughter. If only the video camera had been running!

A generator was brought in early this morning to allow for minimal water pumping and electronics charging so folks could wash and pictures could be snapped during their day. The Guest House folks are really working hard to make things as comfortable as can be under the circumstances. The food is quite up to par and there is plenty of drinking water. The team is humbled by the reminder of just how hard simple things can be in a place like Haiti, and they are showing great resilience as they continue in their week of ministry to the Haitian people. They are troopers (some perhaps literally, as part of the Las Vegas team are active military in their "day job".)

After a great day spent in two different locations, seeing about 50 kids and a few adults, the rumored beach trip did take place. After a night outside and a full workday, the chance to be wet and cool at the same time (although the water was quite warm) was delicious. It was refreshing in every sense, and some "down time" was a blessing. A good time was had by all.

Upon return to the Guest House, there was the now familiar routine of dinner, team meeting, restocking bags, and heading off for bed. Big barrels of water were brought in, from which each team member dipped a bucket and headed for the shower. The news upon arrival back this evening was that there was some kind of power surge in the area which knocked out electricity to a wide area, and the prognosis for power for the rest of their stay is not good. In a sense, this allowed the team to deal with the known instead of the unknown, and set their expectations accordingly. Once again, it's cots on the portico tonight. Rooster whereabouts unknown. 

Tomorrow they will travel by bus to Port Salut, where they will once again give love and care to orphans living in a group home. And as it's name is Port Salut, you might have guessed it is on a body of water. Is another short trip to the beach on the docket? If anyone deserves beach trips two days in a row, it's these folks!

Here are a few glimpses into the team's activities, some from yesterday and some from today:
  • A happy face in Savanne, after spending some quality time with the medical team (first attached picture)
  • A young man absorbed in his artwork in Savanne. The kids really enjoyed the chance to work on these projects. The shirts will be worn proudly!
  • Bible story time in Savanne (third picture). For many, it was surely the first time they've heard the truth of the gospel.
  • The next two pictures are of our medical team, hard at work, one in Savanne and one in Darivage. At Darivage, the team found a few kids with such serious tooth decay that the infections were dangerous.They team pooled their financial resources to send two immediately to a hospital for care; remember, it's "pay as you go" in Haitian hospitals. Word came back before they left that both of the children had several teeth pulled, but the infection is still a concern.
  • Last picture attached: a small medical team went into the orphanage at Biggarouse (everyone else waited outside); the extra precautions were taken due to what was believed to be an outbreak of chicken (or some kind of) pox a few weeks ago. The small team scanned the kids to do a quick check, left medicine with the house moms, and prayed with the kids. Just to be extra careful, all of their outside clothing was left behind. It would be fun to have seen what the kids' faces looked like when they walked in dressed like that!
Prayers for this evening:
  • Praise for continued health and resiliency of the team in the heat and the unexpected issues with water. Everyone is handling all of it quite well. Ask that health and patience continue.
  • But they are getting tired. Pray for energy and good coping through their last day of ministry Friday and a long day of travel on Saturday.
  • Please continue to pray for Daniel. He is more responsive, but without extended and proper care the team fears for him. Four of our team visit morning and evening. Saying goodbye tomorrow night will be quite hard.
  • For the gospel seeds planted with everyone they've seen, from the smallest child to the oldest adult.
  • For the ESMI Guest House staff and Pastor Louis. As difficult as circumstances may be for the team, these folks are working extra hard to make things as comfortable as possible.

Thank your for your prayers!

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