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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Haiti 2011 Mission Update #9

I have to thank you for your love, your strength and your determination to serve our Lord Jesus. You have demonstrated the heart of a genuine servant of Jesus among us. Our heart is overwhelmed by such a miracle. Thank you so much.

Sunday's services was incredible at La Savannes. The church was pact and their was no more room inside so people had to stand outside. Your last trip is a life changing experience in this community. They will never forget you. Pastor Mongerard and his wife are so happy. They cannot wait to see you in July.

Jude is doing well now. He is ok. His life is change for ever. Even thou we did not take the needle out, he can start to feel the changes in his life. He understood the word the Lord placed in your heart for him. He'll live with the thorn in his flesh, but it get no power over him anymore. His Lord is greater. Alleluia! He was at church on sunday worshiping the Lord by lifting up the hand that the devil used to use in the past.

Thank you for the money you'll send for the river at Cherette. It is amazing! We are going to act quickly because we would like to finish it before May. ESMI has no words to express its gratitude toward you and your brothers and sisters for such a blessing. We are so happy to be able to get this blessing to save our ministry in Cherette. With out this work, we would lose the church and eventually the school and the orphanage buildings. The whole community is happy. Not only you are going to save the ministry property, but also you are providing more than 375 new jobs. We are going to need that many people to dig, to place, to cary rocks and fill the gabbions. Cherette will never be the same.

Pastor Mongerard is so happy to know that God has answer the prayer of his congregation about the floor of the church. Now they'll be able to stand properly and worship all together, the whole Body of Christ at La Savannes. As soon we get the money, we'll have it done and we'll send all the pictures to you dear Brother.

Our joy is unspeakable. Please share our best regards with your lovely family and all the team members for their tremendous efforts to share Jesus' love with our nation. May His grace be with you all for ever and ever.


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