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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Haiti Team Update #2

July 27, 2013 

The team arrived at the Guest House in Cambry safely tonight about 9:30 EST without incident, after four and half hours on the bus from Port au Prince. For that we are most grateful!

The amazingly smooth path through customs was a blessing. The team had to do the usual declarations and a cursory inventory, but watched another team nearby having their bags thoroughly emptied and searched, including confiscations and additional payments made. Truly God blessed our team with a different outcome. Many thanks to those of you who saw the earlier update and were able to pray for that.

The electricity is on as of now at Cambry, which allows the air conditioners to run and greatly enhance the team's sleep. A new wrinkle - perhaps we need to also pray for the water supply! The tanks were not sufficiently filled for all to shower after a hot and exhausting day and the rest of the plumbing is equally out of commission until the pumps get the water up into the tanks...which requires electricity - which of course, can go at any time.

Tomorrow is worship and organization. The morning worship is at 7:00, which all will attend at Bon Berger, the main church in Cayes. A small group will go to Savannes (a very poor section of Cayes at which our teams have had significant ministry in the past) afterwards to give greetings, while most of the team goes back to the Guest House for breakfast. A second service follows at Cambry at 11:00. 

At 3:00, the team will meet for planning and prayer and then do the major task of organizing the contents of 24 duffel bags for use during the week. 

There is another service at Cambry at 6:00.

It is a very busy day after today's 16 hour day of travel, but it's their first chance to meet some of the members of the church as well as the orphans who live at Cambry. It will be lively worship that goes significantly longer than any in our churches. They will enjoy it!

Please pray:

  • For sleep tonight and all week for the team. It is jarring to drive into a new country and arrive in a strange place in the dark, yet try to "shut down" because you know morning will come early. Every day will be jam packed and winding down can be difficult.
  • For water and electricity
  • For health this week; that all would remember to drink a lot of (bottled) water, deal with the heat well, and avoid bugs of all kinds.
  • For opportunities to use their gifts and abilities as a team as they figure out how to work together
  • For servant's hearts, willing spirits, and a sense of the presence of God in their midst
  • For the team member preaching at least two and likely three times tomorrow

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