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Monday, February 22, 2010

Haiti Mission Team | Update #4

Most of the team spent the afternoon sorting supplies after catching up on some sleep. A few organized some games with the orphans.

There is a great team spirit and a lot of excitement to finally be starting their work. The tasks of organizing the supplies was attacked with great relish – a good thing, with 49 bags to unpack and sort!

It wasn’t until they unloaded the bus last night that they realized a bag was missing, but fortunately it was quickly located at the Santo Domingo airport, and American Airlines will fly it into Port au Prince before the week is over, where an ESMI staffer (the beloved and always present Dou Dou) will make a trip to pick it up.

A team meeting before a worship service at 6:00 set the plans for the next day. Typically there is one every evening after a 12 hour ministry day to re-group, catch up, and make plans for the next day. Which can often change by the next morning! Each day starts with a devotional.

The guest house at Cambry is comfortable. There are six people to a sleeping room with a bathroom for each room. Water is running and electricity is on its typical rolling blackout schedule for Haiti, which means it’s on sometimes and off sometimes. The sleeping rooms are air conditioned.

Monday the team will be split into three: one medical team will go to the hospital at Cambry for the day, taking needed supplies with them. Several other medical folks and the admin people will stay at the orphanage and begin the task of caring for the large group of kids there. The third, the teaching team, will start three days of classes at Good Shepherd, the church in Cambry. Pastors and seminary students will come from as far away as Gonaives (far to the north; Cambry is far to the south) for this learning opportunity. Each team will have an interpreter.

Please pray for the team as they will undoubtedly feel overwhelmed with the size of the task as they start tomorrow. As that God give them focus and calm and an awareness of his presence with them.

For those of you who like maps and/or visual aids, click on this link – it will show you where all of the ESMI sponsored church plants/orphanages/schools are located.


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