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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Haiti Mission Team | Update #8

Hmm. Remember the “day of changed plans” on Wednesday? And that there was plan for Thursday? Well, scrap that plan, too!

Instead of a lighter day providing some rest by using a “split shift” approach in the community at Cambry, the team was roused with the news “we’re going to Cavillion today”. To their great credit as a game and servant-hearted bunch, the news was met with a willing spirit, and the team was once again split into three for long but different days.

One part did indeed stay and do clinic work at Cambry seeing the community, many of whom were refugees from Port au Prince.

A second part went to the other location, Cavillion, another ESMI site where they saw 83 orphans, using their triage system that had been perfected at Cambry during the early part of the week. The team saw 83 kids, many of whom were relocated from Port au Prince.

A third group stayed back to make practical provision for tomorrow – restocking and repacking bags of supplies that they anticipate needing, and making enough peanut butter sandwiches for 25 for lunch and dinner for tomorrow. Their meal on the road will be rounded out by some applesauce, their shared store of snacks brought from home, and lots of bottled water.

Midway through the day, a group of 4 representing the 4 Chicago area churches that contributed to a well in Dortue were taken there in the most nimble 4 wheel drive vehicle available. Dortue’s location makes the trip not for the fainthearted – it is at the top of a mountain. It’s very location was the reason the well was so strategic – villagers walked for hours to get clean water before the well was dug. Upon their arrival, the representatives were greeted with great joy and gratitude by the people who attest that their lives have been radically changed by the availability of clean water in their village. Kids sang and the well was officially dedicated. It was a stark reminder of how things we consider simple “givens” in life – like a reliable water source – can make an immense difference. It will transform the village in many ways for the better.

Some other praises:
Everyone is doing much better today healthwise.

It was agreed that today was everyone’s favorite day – folks were serving in their “sweet spot” and feeling in a groove. There is no flagging of enthusiasm for the tasks with this bunch!

The supplies are holding out beautifully. Praise God for the generosity of those who provided funds for purchase, donated items, and for His guidance in selecting the appropriate things.

Some prayer requests:
Friday will be a day for service in a brand new setting as well as long hours of travel. The plan (dare we say it?) is to leave Cambry early in the same coach bus that took them from the to Cambry on Saturday/Sunday. They’ll leave early in the morning with all of their belongings and supplies for the day with Dou Dou as guide. A trip to Laogaonge should take about 4 hours. After working there several hours, they will be on their way to the Dominican Republic and the airport at Santo Domingo. The goal is to arrive there about 4:00 a.m. Saturday; their flight departs at 8:00 a.m. Please pray for all of the elements of the day - from their ability to minister to the needs of those they’ll see in Laogaonge to the logistics of the trip to safety on the road – and a timely arrival in Santo Domingo and a safe flight home.

Pray for the team’s “re-entry”. They are exhilarated in many ways, but surely exhausted. They are mostly healthy, but some will need a few days to fully recover. They have seen and experienced one of the greatest tragedies in modern times. They have been of immense help to many, but seen the vast amount of need they could not meet. Please ask God to minister to their spirits over the next days, weeks, and months as they process the joys and frustrations of ministry in Haiti.

Pray for those who remain in Haiti to continue to faithfully serve where God has placed them for this time in their country’s history. Pray for encouragement, stamina, a reliance on God, and the partnership of Christians around the world to continue to sustain them.

Pray for our partners at ESMI – Dony and Sharon, Louis and Martine, Philemon, Dou Dou, Franklin, and the countless others who support the work of ESMI in

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