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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Haiti Mission Team | Update #7

Wednesday, was a very good day. An unpredictable one, even by Haiti standards, but very good.

A plan for the day was made and changed no less than 9 times. Here are a few highlights…
The medical team saw community folks at Cambry because they just showed up knowing medical people were there, mostly people they couldn’t see the day before who came back.

The transportation plans had to be changed because the bus that could carry them all at once had brake trouble (fortunately, this was figured out BEFORE they went anywhere J)

One half of the team got to their morning medical destination about 12:30

The other half of the team left the place they planned to stay all day in the early afternoon

If changes in plans bother you, this would not have been a good place for you today! But the team of 25 handled it without missing a beat. They are embracing the “flexibility” requirement of ministry in Haiti with open arms.

Some highlights:
The Cambry Hospital medical team assisted a seasoned and well run team of Mexican surgeons in various kinds of surgery all morning. They really helped things along and the two groups enjoyed working together.

90 more kids at the Cayes orphanage got treated for scabies. They’re all done!

A team went to another place, “The Big House”, not too far away. The kids at that orphanage seemed to have never had underwear before and the young girls had the best time lifting up their new dresses to show off their new underwear – the squeals of delight and smiles were like a gift to the team! They looked adorable in the beautiful dresses hand made by our wonderful volunteers from various churches. Even the boys got into it by showing off their underwear – and didn’t seem to mind a bit when they ran out of boys’ underwear and they got girls’ instead! The delight was fun to see.

Some items for prayer:
Some on the team are struggling with health issues – typical “bug”-like symptoms that are slowing them down and tiring them, and the heat is difficult for some. All have started taking the “back up” antibiotics they travelled with as a precaution, as well as some pro-biotics that one of the pediatricians brought for them to help with troubled stomachs. As all have been working really hard, they will work a half shift Thursday in Cambry, taking the other half of the day to rest and recoup their strength for a full press on their last day, Friday. Pray that a lighter day of ministry will restore them, and that the electricity will work during the day to provide a cool place to rest.

In Cambry on Thursday, they will turn their combined attention to the community and those who are refugees from Port au Prince. Pray that their skills and supplies would match the needs, as has happened all week long.

Please begin praying now for their day on Friday. As things stand now, they will leave at 5:00 a.m. Friday for Laogaonge, arriving at 8:00 to set up a mobile clinic. They’ll work there for 12 hours, and then from there leave for the long trek back to the Dominican Republic and the airport. Their flight leaves Saturday morning at 8:00. While traveling at night has its challenges given the road conditions in some places, the traffic congestion around Port au Prince and the border during the day make this a good plan. Pray for the long work day and for safety during travel – and that they arrive in good order for their flight.

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