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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Haiti 2011 Mission Update #5

First of all, thanks to those of you who were able to pray today for the situation in Savanes, the slums of Cayes. Our team finished a tremendous day of ministry that not only impacted individuals in dire need of care (over 120 adults and children were treated for a wide variety of needs) but it really seems to have shifted the balance in that community. By their presence there “nan nom Jesi” (creole for “in the name of Jesus”) they were witnesses to the truth and power of the gospel. Even the residents with the hardest hearts have had to ask themselves why else the team would come! The press of the crowds threatened to overwhelm, but it was out of desperation and not anger or malice towards our team. Your prayers were much appreciated!

One brief, powerful story from Savanes today: Jude is a gang leader whose wife has been a believer for two years, but he wanted no part of it. Today, he saw Jesus in the work of our team and came forward to proclaim “I want to be a Christian”. With much tears and prayer, he accepted Jesus as his Savior and proceeded to hug the men on the team multiple times saying they were now brothers. His position in the community is such that this change in his life will make powerful ripples through the gangs. Jude’s picture is attached here. Please pray for him!

The teaching team is bearing tremendous fruit as well. It is not only teaching the pastors, but ministering to them as well. They seem exhausted and much time is spent in prayer for their churches, their families, and themselves. The training team says that “the Spirit has really shown up” to guide and empower their time together. They finish up with a half day session tomorrow morning.

The Cambry team was able to do several medical procedures today. Each medical trip there allows for deeper care, tackling more difficult things as doctors are more plentiful, supplies are available, and the general level of baseline care improves with each visit. Growths and abscesses were removed today that were not possible to deal with on prior trips. Also, one of the docs was able to remove sixth fingers on a baby’s hands today. One new element introduced on this trip is dental training – donated toothbrushes and toothpaste will be given to every child in Cambry and Charette, along with instructions on how to use them. We hope this will help, as our last team’s dentist found much tooth decay among the children.

After long and intense days, the team was grateful that the power was on and showers were a possibility! An extra guest showed up at the team meeting to add a little more excitement – a tarantula the size of a hand crawled across the floor. Kudos to Chuck M for being quick enough to dispatch it before it did any harm or caused any heart attacks.

Tomorrow, another three way split:
The teaching team will finish up in Cambry in the morning, and then have a bit of a break back at the guest house.
  • The California team (Jon, Rachel, Julie B, and Craig) will go to Jeremie with Dony St. Germain. A last minute change has them flying instead of driving, as the road conditions have deteriorated even further than previously thought. They will spend Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights in Jeremie, working there during the day as a medical team. Dony will escort them back to the Port au Prince airport on Saturday in time to meet the team for the flight home.
  • The other 20 team members will climb into the bus, then SUV’s when the roads won’t accommodate the bus, for the trip to Charette orphanage for the first of two daytime visits (on Thursday the teaching team will join them). The team has been practicing “Jesus Loves Me” in creole to sing to the children, and Eric P will give a children’s message. After spending some fun time with the children there, the medical teams will begin their work, including the dental hygiene training.
Some items to pray for:
  • For Jude, and for the spirit to move many in Savanes to turn to Jesus
  • Continued safety for the team in travel (by bus, plane, and SUV tomorrow!)
  • Electricity
  • Continued protection from sickness – all are well thus far. A few have had temporary symptoms of dehydration, but bounced back well.
  • That they would continue to mesh well as a team. They really have become quite a smooth operation and are truly enjoying each other.
  • That the supplies and clothes would stretch to fit the needs. So far everything is holding out well.
  • For Friday, when the entire team will once again tackle the huge needs of Savanes. Their last day of ministry in Haiti!

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