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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Haiti 2011 Mission Update #6

So much fun to report today!

First, a ride worthy of any amusement park into some of the most beautiful, lush jungle ever seen by our team members. The ride to Cherette started in a bus, switched to 4WD vehicles, and ended with a 200 yard hike when the trucks could go no further. The trip took two hours, winding through villages and using river beds as roads. The “greenness” and clean air was a welcome change from the setting of the day before.

But the biggest fun was the children of Cherette. When the team arrived in the village (a small hamlet, really) they went into the church. The children were brought classroom by classroom in to meet them until all were there together, and with some trepidation and shyness started to interact with the team. Slowly, smiles started to break out, then hugs, then songs, then joyful faces – then tears as our team reveled in the joy the children displayed and their lively singing together. Our team even did a rendition of “Jesus Loves Me” – first in English, and then in what was described as “pathetic creole” by one team member. But no matter! It was enjoyed by all. Eric P did a children’s message on the theme of the Body of Christ, telling the children they were all one body together with their friends from America as well as other Christians in Haiti and around the world. Katie F then took a few minutes to explain to the children that they each had a “special friend” back in Chicago or Las Vegas in America who was praying for them and helping to provide what they needed (food, clothing, school, etc.) – and that their friends had sent a picture and a note to them! Very soon after, children were seen walking around clutching pictures and notes. See the picture attached of the kids at Cherette.

The medical teams got set up then and started checking the children for overall health and dealing with situations as needed. Scabies is still rampant, so all were given a scabies wash and clean clothes. Overall, the health of the children is improved from the last visit. Tomorrow, the team will train the housemoms and Pastor Nerva in the use of the scabies wash and leave a good supply with them for frequent use as needed. They will also teach the children dental hygiene and give each a toothbrush and toothpaste.  Pictures attached of scabies washing and a happy girl with new clothes J

Some adults from Cherette were seen as well, including one man with an old, unhealed wound on his leg which actually showed exposed ankle bone. Life is hard in many ways in Haiti; this man looked to be about 70, but was actually 41.

A few of the team members also did some planning on improvements that can be done to the village that will remove the threat of flooding from the nearby river. If nothing is done, the church will likely be gone within a year, the school and perhaps the entire village in two. The good news: clean water is now available for the first time ever via a long stretch of pipe from a newly dug well, and bathrooms have been built since the last visit by our team.

The California crew departed earlier today from Cambry for Jeremie. It was hard for the team to split up! They will meet back up at the airport in Port au Prince on Saturday. In Jeremie, the team will focus on seeing children displaced by last year’s earthquake who are now living there, as well as explore options for future joint projects. We hope to be able to hear from them and continue to update you on their work there.

Tomorrow, the remaining team members will go back to Cherette for the day. Medical needs of children not seen today will be attended to.

Please pray for these things:
  • For a joyful day of service with the precious children of Cherette tomorrow
  • For continued health for the team. There have been a few queasy stomachs, but so far all are doing extremely well
  • For good rest when possible. Adrenalin can only take one so far; people are tired!
  • Looking ahead to Friday – another day back in Savanes. Pray even now for calm and peace to reign so the team can work effectively for the benefit of the community.

Praise for:
  • Wonderful team spirit and smooth teamwork. They are having a great time together!
  • The improved conditions in Cherette and the work that has been done which will increase overall health. The well is a huge step forward!
  • Safe travels thus far
  • Fun had by all today!
  • The phenomenal impact the teaching team had on 150 very tired and spiritually hungry pastors over three days of teaching them and praying with them

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