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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Haiti 2011 Mission Update #8

The week in Haiti culminated on an incredibly high note for the Cambry-based team today in Savanes.

It started months ago, when everyone on the team committed to going, began to pray and plan in the US. And it began in Haiti with Pastor MonChera in Savanes praying fervently for this week, as well as Louis, Dony, and everyone at ESMI.  It continued this week as hundreds of people who requested daily updates on the team’s activity prayed.

And today, besides the excellent medical care provided to the residents of the wrong side of a poor town in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, the tangible, pulsating, power of God was on display.

Amidst the non-stop work on people’s bodies, Haitian souls were touched as well. The team was asked questions like “How do I have Jesus in my heart?” and  heard things like “I want to follow your Jesus”.  At every station along the way providing medical care, the team prayed for people before moving them along. Towards the end of the day, a team member went looking for Pastor MonChera to introduce him to yet another person who had just prayed to receive Christ with him. Meeting Louis along the way and explaining why he needed Pastor MonChera, Louis said “ANOTHER one?”.  It was truly a day of healing, answered prayer, and heart revival in this poor, dirty, heartsore corner of the world. The team’s prayer for Savanes is that this week of ministry might indeed turn the tide from darkness to light for this community. What a day for rejoicing!

The team is exhausted and exhilarated, clearly delighted at being used to touch so many lives in so many ways, and doing it with such a true team effort, where everyone had multiple roles to play and supported each other throughout. Praise God, all remained healthy this week, as well.

Tomorrow is a day of travel and “re-entry”. Life back in the US will seem surreal, no doubt, after the experiences of the week. Please pray for safe travel on Saturday; the Cambry based team will leave at 4:00 a.m. for the drive to Port au Prince (which should be a four hour drive), the team in Jeremie will rendezvous with them at the PAP airport. The plane for Miami leaves at 1:00 EST. Also, please pray for  the opportunity to decompress over the next week at home after such an intense time. Lastly, please pray for Pastor MonChera in Savanes, Pastor Nerva in Cherette, and the 150 pastors who attended the workshop earlier in the week, for Dony and Louis St. Germaine and all of the ESMI staff. They are the modern day heroes of the faith in Haiti, the ones who are in it for the long haul against such great obstacles.

This will be the last team update unless a specific need for prayer pops up tomorrow. You’ll be hearing from team members in person very soon!

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