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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Haiti 2011 Mission Update #4

The news from our team in Haiti is ALL good!

A fantastic team spirit has formed among our 26 travelers. So much so that even after a long, hard day, they are so pumped that getting off to bed is not their first priority. They are enjoying the camaraderie too much, and definitely need some time to wind down together after busy days. They are feeling energized by the ministry they are accomplishing.

The three teams (teaching at Cambry, clinic at Cambry, clinic in Cayes) all had a great day. Dony is excited about the teaching by Bob, Jeff and Jon Hori; the two clinics worked very well with Cambry seeing a lot of community folks as well as kids at the orphanage and Cayes seeing more kids but some adults as well. See the picture attached of Watson, 6, with Heather, at Cayes. Watson had to have some infected sores removed from his scalp, but he was a real trouper about it. The kids in Cayes were tickled to get new clothes and new underwear after a quick bath and scabies wash.

The team is feeling the prayer support – even going into Savanes today (the name of the neighborhood in Cayes) where the oppression is great and the needs staggering, there was a feeling of safety and even a lightness of spirit as they worked. Things were smooth as silk without the feeling of chaos that everyone was prepared for.

Everyone remains healthy, as well, and grateful for electricity which is on again tonight. It makes all the difference being able to shower and sleep comfortably. They are so thankful for these blessings thus far!

The routine will be the same tomorrow (Tuesday) for all three teams. On Wednesday and Thursday, most will go to Charette by bus and then 4 WD vehicles when the bus can go no further for two day trips (coming back to the guest house for sleeping). Four from California will go with Dony to Jeremie by SUV for two days.

Please continue to pray for
·         their heath,
·         their ability to work as teams in difficult circumstances,
·         and for their safety as they travel via bus to their various (nearby) locations tomorrow.

Also, please pray for the many, many children they saw; some are in dire condition, including the week old child in the second picture (with Erin). There was concern by our doctors that this child needed a sustained level of care that is just not available in the slums of Cayes. Unfortunately, this is not a isolated situation in Haiti. Pray for God’s mercy on this child, this neighborhood, and this country where so many need so much.

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