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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Haiti 2011 Mission Update #2

There are many things to be thankful for today!

First, the team arrived safely with bags intact at the Port au Prince airport this afternoon. They were met by their escort, Dou Dou, and got on the road to Cambry at about 2:00 EST. They arrived there safely at about 7:00 CST. Getting out of Port au Prince is always slow, and today seemed especially so. Even there, though, was some encouragement – much looked different from six months ago, in a good way! Street vendors were back, a bit more rubble was cleared away; it was just the normal chaos of downtown Port au Prince!

They are now settling into the guest house at Cambry, having a late dinner, greeting the children who live there, and beginning the huge task of organizing the supplies they brought down into usable and portable portions.

They are excited to finally be there and are eager to get started!

This should be a good night of rest for them in the guest house, which will be their base every night (except for the California team, who are scheduled to spend two nights away at Jeremie later this week). And rest they will need…

Tomorrow starts at 6:30 with the first worship service at Bon Berger (Good Shepherd), where Bob Allums will preach. After a breakfast following that the team will split into three groups for a second set of worship services; one group will go with Ted, who will preach at the church plant in downtown Cayes, Bob and others will go back for a second service at Bon Berger, and Eric Phillips will preach in Cambry with a third group accompanying him. ESMI staff will escort all three groups and provide needed transportation, as is always the case when they are out and about.

Tomorrow afternoon will allow more time for organization and making final plans for Monday.

Please pray that they will indeed be able to sleep in a new environment. The guest house is almost lavish by Haitian standards –clean and neat, with running water from a well, electricity (spotty, but almost always on at night), good food and safe bottled water. Still, they are sleeping in dorm-type rooms and have had an exhausting day of airports, heavy bags, and non-stop sights and sounds.

Pray also for their ministry tomorrow, for as they share in worship with their Haitian brothers and sisters, their presence and their commitment to ministry among them speaks loudly!

The picture attached is of the team en route to Cambry, with Dou Dou. Dou Dou is the guardian angel of every visiting team, a man who seems to be able to manage anything, accomplish everything, and drive everywhere! The matching t shirts were invaluable in keeping track of everyone in the crowded Port au Prince airport.

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