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Monday, February 29, 2016

Haiti Update #10 2/26

Bone weary but heart happy.

Today was a great day of celebration and wrapping things up on a week of ministry that met or exceeded any hopes or expectations. Not only was the water purification system installed glitch-free, something usually unattainable even in a first world country, our extremely hard working medical team saw 527 patients in 5 days. So much to rejoice in and to praise God for, including his guidance, direction, provision, and in the way he built this team of servants for this particular week of ministry.

The day started with some kids who usually live in Cavaillon but who are temporarily staying at Cambry visiting the docs at the guesthouse. Twenty four kids were deemed to need more frequent medical supervision for a short time, so they were moved to Camby to be under the eye of Dr Osselin on a more regular basis. Those kids came up the hill today to have the standard "once over" by our docs, too, including a scabies wash, check up, clean clothes, and vitamins. When their nutritional needs have been more solidly met, they'll rejoin the other children at Cavaillon in the not too distant future.

Finishing that task, the medical team went to Cavaillon in the afternoon. Some medical folks followed up with some patients who were brought in from La Hatte just to check on their progress from earlier in the week, and then Dr Daisey and Dr Kay spent some significant and meaningful time with the housemoms and older girls talking candidly about basic body issues and self care, including Christian perspectives on sex. These talks have become a staple of our medical teams' visits to Cavaillon, and we believe ministers in a whole new way to some very real needs among women in Haiti.

Meanwhile, the water team went right to Cavaillon this morning to make final preparations for turning the system over to the Haitian water team, and to prepare for the dedication. And what a party that was!

It turned into a community event, with tours, free water samples, and a "graduation" ceremony for the new water operators complete with certificates and special T shirts handed out by Andrea, and much, much pride and joy exhibited by Haitian and American alike. We have some pictures for you, so you can rejoice as well! Your prayers this week and before the trip started were key. And special thanks to many donors who made the installation possible.

The team returned to the guest house tonight for a final team meeting, and then turned to packing to come home. Extra supplies were sorted and moved to a secure storage space at the Camby office until next time. Once again, our donors' generosity was in evidence all week long, as clothes, shoes, and medicines were distributed everywhere the team went, and there was enough to go around. Awesome.

The team leaves tomorrow at 5:00 am EST for Port au Prince. Their flight leaves at 1:15, so there's a comfortable window of time to get there. Then a two hour flight to Miami, and then from there they scatter to different flights home.

Please pray:
  • For another day of safe travel in Haiti, and that buses would arrive on time, planes would be boarded and take off on time, and land safely at their destinations.
  • For our team. Adrenalin has been key in getting through the long, hot, crazy days of ministry. But getting home sometimes is hard to adjust to as they process what they've done, seen, and heard. Pray also for good health as they re-adjust to their more typical diet after a week of different foods.
  • For the people of Haiti. These are trying political times, and for many their hold on survival is easily severed even in calm times. Pray also for God to work through their government to more justly meet the needs of the people in all areas - health care, education, jobs, everything needful for thriving as a nation.
  • Pray especially for the gospel to be at work in Haiti, as we have seen evidenced in so many ways. Pray for those who lead churches, who lead families, and who lead ministries like ESMI. Pray for those who heard the gospel this week from our team and that it would bear fruit. Pray for renewal and revival.
Some pictures to close out the week. Enjoy:
  • Water celebration, community tour, and the next generation of water engineers
  • Everyone gets a water bottle!
  • Housemoms getting some TLC and gifts
  • Kids at Cavaillon
Again, our many thanks for your faithful prayers on behalf of this team. We praise God for each of you as partners in this great week.

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