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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Haiti Update #3 2/20/16

Please join the team in praise! All of the concerns from yesterday have been answered in the ways that we'd hoped:

  • Transportation to and from the airport last night and this morning went off without a hitch. The team got to the airport in good order, checked the bags, and met up with their two "red eye" companions from the West Coast. 
  • The flight from Miami to Port au Prince was smooth, safe, and pretty much on time 
  • All the bags made it on to the plane and were all retrieved from baggage claim (that hasn't always happened, either!) 
  • And the biggest one - customs took only one hour (it has been up to three on past trips) and EVERY bag was passed through with no confiscations or "surcharges". 
Indeed, much to give praise for!

Here's a picture of the assembled team outside of the airport as bags are loaded for the trip to the guest house in Cambry, which usually takes 5 hours. It's a pretty nice "tour" bus, not a school bus, so they will be in relative comfort. They're in the capable hands of ESMI staff now until the week is over and they are dropped back at the PAP airport.

Still much to tell and prayer requests every day...but they are on their way. There will be a short update tonight with plans for tomorrow and the rest of the week. Well, as much as "plans" count in Haiti :)

Many thanks for your partnership in this adventure!

Preview attachment 0220 Team in PAP 2.JPG

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