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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Haiti Update #4 02/20/16

The team arrived safely at the Guest House in Cambry after a long but blessedly uneventful ride from Port au Prince. After settling in and having dinner together, they are navigating the realities of spotty electricity and figuring out the challenges of showering in the pitch dark, because when it's dark in the Haitian countryside, it's really dark. But the weather this evening in Haiti is delightful - a cool breeze and a clear sky. And they are happy to be at the close of what one trip veteran calls "the smoothest travel day ever, about as good as it could be".

A few pieces of good news:
  • There is no zika virus in this part of Haiti as yet. Just to be safe, the compound was fumigated before their arrival, but there have been no reports of illness in the area. It seems to be active in the north instead. 
  • Just today - today, after months of being in progress - Pastor Louis confirmed that the preliminary construction work in Cavaillon required for the installation of the water purification system is done. Talk about God's perfect timing! The Haitians have worked through difficulties of getting supplies and paying extra for them through the political unrest of the last few months. The team won't know until they get on site if the work matches the specs that were sent, but there's no question that the local workers have done their best under difficult circumstances. 

Tomorrow is a day of worship, rest, and unpacking and organizing. The team leader, Ted, will preach at Bon Berger (Good Shepherd) Cayes first, perhaps accompanied by a few team members. Then breakfast back at the Guest House at 9:30 for all before a second service at Bon Berger Cambry, where Ted will preach again. This is the ESMI "mother church", the largest, and the service is televised throughout Haiti and around the world to Creole speaking ex-pats in numerous countries via the internet. They estimate that 2 million Haitians tune in. The service is about 2 hours long - joyful, loud, and full of music and praise.

After a bit of a rest, the team will tackle the massive job of unpacking and re-organizing the contents of up to 20 duffel bags stuffed with medicines, clothes, supplies - all of which has to be reorganized into daily "go bags" for each day of the week. It's an amazing production to be a part of, and is a tangible reminder of the generosity of so many who have donated materials or funds to stuff those bags with greatly needed items.

For prayer this evening:
  • Good rest tonight and during the week, and continued health so that all can do the work they came to do at their full strength.One team member who says he hasn't had a cold in 25 years has one now...but he's also got a team of doctors at his disposal :) Pray that the cold symptoms not hinder him, nor spread to others. 
  • For electricity. It makes a huge difference to be able to come back to a cool and properly lit sleeping space at the end of a long day of ministry. Even though the temperatures are not uncomfortable outside, it can be hard to be comfortable inside without air conditioning...and certainly a challenge to navigate in the pitch darkness. 
  • For Ted as he preaches twice tomorrow - that the gospel would go forth, and that language and cultural barriers would not hinder that. Also for energy as needed after a long day of travel. 
  • For good teamwork as things get organized tomorrow, and for good team dynamics to be built as everyone gets to know each other and begin to work together in this important and often stressful work. 
Thank you for your partnership! Your prayers are key to this week of ministry, and the team is grateful.

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