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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Haiti Mission Team | Update Feb 26

Three of our team stayed back at the Guest House today to host a pastors' conference, translated by Louis. Craig, Erik, and Ted taught all day making it as interactive as possible, and will continue tomorrow. Besides lots of really practical teaching, our teachers were able to connect personally with these faithful servants who were ready to soak up everything they heard. Louis was diligent to make sure it was being understood and applied, walking around the room as he translated and checking note-taking technique and even spelling. He really wanted these guys to get it right! At the end of the day, the pastors were randomly called up to be "quizzed", and laughter ensued at the expense of those who had the misfortune to answer incorrectly. Our guys at the back buzzed their wrong answers and Louis pretended to hang his head in shame. A good time and sweet fellowship was had by all. Some pictures are attached below. One picture is of the new mayor of Maniche, where the team will go on Friday. Two new churches have just been planted there.

During lunch the pastors were able to stroll down the hill to visit the small medical team working at the Cambry orphanage seeing mostly community folks today. A second benefit for them!

Most of the team went back to Savanne in a bit of of a rainy spell this morning - a few drew the short straw and wound up in the back of truck for that wet ride (picture attached). But the rain eventually subsided for a day of good and helpful medical ministry there. A faithful friend of our team came all the way from Jeremie to be with them in Savanne today. Dou Dou is quite an imposing figure and is always a reassuring presence. Philemon, another friend to our teams, was also along for the day as well as the translators. The team was able to check in with Vilia Seidi and her nine children while in Savanne. She had met a previous team after just being widowed; her newborn was in grave health so she came to see that team's doctors. Making ends meet remains hard, though. The ten of them live in a home that is smaller than a typical one car garage.

Back at the Guest House at the end of the day, it was time for some re-grouping for tomorrow and a small celebration as one of our team members, Mackenzie, celebrated her 18th birthday today. Two other 18 year olds, Sophia and Martina (fourth picture), wished her well.

Things on a practical level are good for the team - the food is varied and enough, the water is running, the toilets work, and the electricity is (mostly) on. These are all things that can't be taken for granted on a visit, so they are grateful for these blessings. The weather has not been oppressive and sleeping has been comfortable enough. Wildlife continues to run amok - for the past two nights bats have swooped during dinner, much to the chagrin of several. But no "too close" encounters with tarantulas! Everyone is healthy.

Tomorrow the team minus the teachers goes to Port Salut, about an hour's drive away. There's a church and a small orphanage of about 60 kids who haven't had a medical team visit since our team was there 6 months ago.The children's ministry will be busy loving on the kids while they wait their turn with the medical team. Port Salut is probably one of the most beautiful villages in Haiti, right on the ocean. There just may be a chance for the team to stop and look at the white sand beaches and blue ocean on the way home!

 Please pray for:
The pastors who are coming to the training. Ask God to bless their ministries and use this time as refreshment for them. They are weary and carry a consistently heavy burden.
Our team, as they too are beginning to see and feel the unrelenting need of life and ministry in Haiti. They know that one team coming for one week can't meet the needs of Haiti but the level of need takes a toll on everyone who visits there. And yet - they know they are making a difference in the lives they touch even if they can't touch every life. That is sweet sustenance and cause for praise.
Pray for Vilia Seidi and others who share a similar story in Haiti. Ask that God would be her provider and her family's protector. Pray that He would meet their physical and spiritual needs.
Pray for continued health and safety for our team as they pursue different ministries tomorrow in different locations. Thanks to God for providing careful and caring guides Dou Dou, Philemon, Louis and others. (Dou Dou is the big guy in the middle of the last attached picture.)

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